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Finsbury Park Studio

Finsbury Park, London


Project Brief

To strip out a fully redesign the layout for a tiny 25sqm studio flat in Finsbury Park. Maximising space, storage and flexible living were the fundamental ideas to the client. 


Project description

The renovation of a tiny 25sqm studio flat embraces the use of bamboo and copper to create a warm and inviting home.


The carefully considered layout combines built-in furniture and loose furniture to create a very efficient and flexible layout that adapts to the occupants requirements. A bed folds down over the sofa converting a living room into a bedroom with space for a TV opposite. The Bathroom is comfortable in size fitting a large shower with ample storage. The Kitchen-Dining areas form the widest part of the studio with a 2m built in mirrored wardrobe witch makes the flat appear much larger.



Every inch of space in this studio is utilised; build in cabinets, wardrobes, fold-up beds, bench seating (with storage below), sofa storage and open shelving. The open shelving and cork door fronts on the wall cabinets not only provide handy storage solutions but also act as a opportunity for decoration in the space. Corner spaces, (typically harder to reach spaces) have been designed carefully for ease of access.


Horizontal Surfaces: Caramel Bamboo

Lighting: Copper pipe

Walls: Teal & White Paint

Tiles: Grey ceramic and Grey Stone

Floor: Grey stained engineered oak

Cabinet Door Fronts: Light Grey and 6mm Cork

Environmental Design

Where possible sustainable, recyclable and natural products have been used. Waste was kept to a minimum and many of the offcut

s/spare parts have been used for other smaller projects or to make accessory items like the coat hanger

Special Features

1. The fold-up bed fold over the top of the sofa allowing the studio to be both bedroom or living room with minimal effort

2. The coffee table splits into two to create extenders for the dining table

3. The architectural shelf hangers are lightweight have minimal visual impact

4. The copper pipe frames the kitchen area while also supporting the shelves and creating a handy utensil rail under the cabinets

5. The flat overlooks Finsbury park!


In summary: a balanced approach of colour, material and clever design creates a comfortable, flexible and joyful place to live.

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