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city as wilderness - greyfriars, gloucester

year 3

Project Brief

To develop a scheme that identifies and resolves an issue in Gloucester relating the city as a place of wilderness.


Project description

Working with a client, Young Gloucestershire, to enhance its existing program, expand its facilities and attract more young people to their organisation so that they can be integrated back into society.


Through, art, dance, music and sport the scheme developed a sense of belonging and opportunity. The different spaces aimed to Engage, Encourage, Enable, Enjoy and Empower – The five principles of the Young Gloucestershire organisation.


Following an investigation into the development of young adults, I identified 9 influential factors:

1. Feeling welcome | 2. Interaction with others | 3. Being confident | 4. Time to play | 5. Time to Work | 6. An opportunity to be chaotic and expressive  7. A need for order and structure | 8. To be comfortable | 9. A place to take refuge

An architecture that caters for the development of young people, must contain spaces and opportunities for all of these factors. I abstract design exercise helped me spatialize this idea.

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