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intergenerational housing scheme

intergenerational architecture - west park, kingston-upon-hull

year 5

Project Brief

To develop a scheme that addresses the issues and opportunities around designing for multiple-generations and an aging population.


Project description

A housing scheme which tries to rekindle the ‘3 generation household’ lifestyle, while attempting to tackle some of the more pertinent problems that have developed around West Park in Kingston-Upon-Hull. It is the location for the Hull City Football & Rugby Stadium and the site of the famous annual Hull Fair.


The master plan proposes an active, safer and more enjoyable access route to the park from the city centre, whilst providing the city with 150 new Adaptable, Affordable, Accessible houses and over 75 Apartments. The master plan extends beyond the borders of the housing, reorganising parts of the park and adjacent industrial land at a strategic level. This helps resolve some of the inconsistencies discovered within the local urban fabric.

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